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Aoba and I, have been working on a huge update for ainu, for some time now. This means that develop on current state of ainu has been slowed by a lot. This means that all of your bug reports on our discord will be discarded and looked over.

What is the update?

As many of you know, we have built ainu off of ripple’s source code. The thing about that, is that it’s slow and unpleasing to work with.

So that’s what Aoba and I have been working. A new server for Ainu, completely built from scratch. It will include:

  • Speed improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • More stable
  • Clan leaderboards (ingame).
  • And a new feature, that’s been scratched from Ainu before ;)

Is it open source?

Yes! It is open source and can be found here!

Although it’s unstable and not close to being near finished. We are making rapid progress and trying our best to make it as stable as possible. I expect the work to be done in a couple of months (2-5) from now on, if we make progress, the same speed as we do now. We would really appreciate feedback, or help to improve the code in any way, as this is our first attempt making a new stack.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t care about our community. We will still be looking after the community, and so will our staffs.